The final training programme will be finalised in the summer 2019. As an indication, please see below the plenary sessions and elective courses offered in 2018.

Plenary sessions

  • UN Social Protection Strategy
  • Trends in social protection: The World Social Protection Database and Report
  • The ILO Centenary: get involved!
  • Putting Research at the Service of Social Protection Policy and Practice 
  • Impacts of social protection, “what are we seeing?”
  • Social protection for food and nutrition security and rural poverty reduction
  • Financing universal social protection and the SDGs
  • Responding to the challenges of social protection through social dialogue
  • Sharing innovative thinking on social protection policyTargeting social protection programmes to ensure that no one is left behind
  • Understanding the role of public spending, employment and social protection
  • Addressing inequities in access to health care through social protection

Elective courses

Week 1 – Morning Elective Courses

• Course 1: Working as One UN: Assessment-based National Dialogue on Social Protection
• Course 2: International social security law
• Course 3: Pensions Reforms: Achieving coverage, adequacy and sustainability
• Course 4: Social protection governance (in French)
• Course 5: Strategies on the extension of social protection in the informal sector (in French)

Week 1 – Afternoon Elective Courses

• Course 6: Financing social protection and Public Finance
• Course 7: Social protection extension strategies to the informal sector
• Course 8: Monitoring and Evaluating – Monitoring SDG 1.3
• Course 9: International social security law (in French)
• Course 10: Social dialogue within the context of social protection design and reforms (in French)

Week 2 – Morning Elective Courses

• Course 11: Social health protection: Effective access to affordable health care
• Course 12: Social protection trends in developing and emerging countries
• Course 13: Linking Social Protection to Agriculture and Food Security
• Course 14: Financial and actuarial planning (in French)
• Course 15: Developing national capacities for social protection (in French)

Week 2 – Afternoon Elective Courses

• Course 16: The Politics of Designing Social Protection Programmes
• Course 17: Developing national capacities for social protection
• Course 18: Public investments through public employment programmes contributing to social protection and building
essential public services
• Course 19: Pensions Reforms: Achieving coverage, adequacy and sustainability (in French)
• Course 20: Coordination of social protection systems: Balancing contributory and non-contributory schemes (in

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the assessment of knowledge and competencies acquired.

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