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Social protection

Social protection
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Methodology & Programme design

Each training course aims to provide participants with an overall understanding of the core areas and international professional standards of one set of ISSA Guidelines and to enable the application of these standards by ISSA member organizations.

Each training course is focused on one set of ISSA Guidelines. It is structured in three phases, to total around 50 hours of course work.

  • Pre-training: Prior to the on-site training, participants complete a set of online activities related to the set of ISSA Guidelines.
  • On-site training: Intensive and interactive training for groups of up to 25 participants with a trainer and an ISSA expert. The duration of the training course is five days.
  • Post-training: Participants develop and submit an assignment which is assessed, and continue to exchange with other course participants.

A certificate is awarded to the individual participant based on their participation in the pre- and the on-site training as well as satisfactory completion of the post-training assignment.


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