“Indigenous and tribal peoples: Rights and development”: a revamped interregional training programme now taking place on campus

This training is grounded in the role the ILO has been playing since the 1920s in respect of indigenous peoples’ rights.

More specifically, it aims to contribute to the ILO’s work to promote and protect the rights of indigenous and tribal peoples through Convention No.  169, and to ensure that indigenous and tribal peoples’ issues are taken into account. It also seeks to ensure that indigenous and tribal peoples participate in broader programmes on poverty reduction, social and economic development, employment promotion and the application of international labour standards within ILO member States.

ITCILO has revamped its training programme on “Indigenous and tribal peoples: Rights and development” in cooperation with the Gender and Diversity Branch of the ILO’s WORKQUALITY Department and is currently holding an interregional workshop on campus. For the first time this training  activity is being offered in English, French and Spanish. The participants include representatives of Governments, indigenous people’s organizations, universities, research institutions, and enterprises from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and North America. The workshop will be facilitated by experts from the ILO, ITCILO, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and international specialists on the rights of indigenous peoples. The training programme has benefited from financial support from the European Commission.


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