A Centre for learning: opening doors to Turin schools

This year, almost 700 students from 18 schools in Turin visited the campus, to learn about our work here at the ITCILO.

The visits are a joint collaboration between the Centre's programme “Discovering the UN campus” and the City of Turin’s project "Crescere in città". 


During the visits, conducted by ITCILO officials, students tour the facilities shared by the Centre, the UNICRI, the UNSSC, the UNESCO Centre and the SIOI. 


By coming to the Centre, local secondary and high school students gain an insight into the UN mission, through presentations on the ILO and the UN, in particular about the Centre’s work on social justice and sustainable development.  During the visits, students discuss social themes and share their views on human rights, employment and education.  Since 2007, when this agreement began, nearly 5,000 students have visited our campus.  


Recently, the Centre started a new collaboration with the “Altiero Spinelli” European High School in Turin, to involve students as “Welcome Ambassadors” (http://bit.ly/2r6kAUa) at the Centre at weekends.


These collaborations bring the Centre and the City of Turin closer and show students how the UN campus helps connect Turin to the international challenges they see every day on the news.






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