A Concert against Child Labour

To mark the 2016 World Day Against Child Labour, the Centre and the Sistema Piemontese dei Cori ed Orchestre Infantili e Giovanili (“Sistema”[1]), launched a call for action on the fight and prevention of child labour in Italy

“Sistema” children will perform a special concert at the Centre on June 10, to shine a light on the fight to combat this global issue, and share thoughts on their less fortunate peers in the world: children that are exploited, prevented from going to school, or pushed into work that endangers their health and development.

The concert is open to UN staff and participants on campus.

The ILO is proposing to create an SDG Alliance 8.7 to assist member States and achieve SDG target 8.7 (calling for immediate and effective measures against forced labour, the worst forms of child labour, and specifically, by 2025, to end child labour in all its forms). From 14 to 18 November 2016, the Centre will implement a training programme on “Eliminating child labour and promoting decent work in agriculture for young people of legal working age”.


[1] “Sistema” is an Italian organization founded by Maestro Abbado and partner of the homonymous Venezuelan project “El Sistema”, created by Maestro José Antonio Abreu as a social integration project involving public musical education.

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