A fruitful collaboration

The longstanding collaboration between the Centre and the Regional Council of Piedmont, supported by the Piedmont Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism (Ceipiemonte), has been renewed through a Memorandum of Understanding for 2015. The ceremony took place on Friday 13 March at Palazzo Lascaris.

This MOU is a significant milestone in the relationship between our Centre and the Piedmont Region, and contributes to marking the 50th anniversary of the Centre’s activities in Turin.

The main objective of this collaboration is to help participants in the Centre’s training activities get to know the Piedmont Region and its institutions as well as some aspects of its history, economy and culture.

During their stay on campus, participants will be invited to visit the Regional Council of Piedmont. They will be hosted at the Palazzo Lascaris, where they will be briefed on topics of interest such as the environment, small enterprises, the agriculture and food industry, culture and tourism.

A website provides participants with supporting information: http://www.piemonteforyou.it. The website provides an overview of the history, economy and culture as well as details of public services and the main tourist attractions in the region. It includes a directory with contact details of the main institutions, public bodies, agencies, libraries, universities, research centres, clinics, hospitals, etc. There is also a News section, a Highlights section on industry in Piedmont, and a section on arts, culture, leisure and tourism.

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