A new Agreement for the Centre

The Centre has just signed an Agreement with Almenara Middle East, Abu Dhabi

Almenara Middle East is a highly specialised consultancy for governments, international organisations and the private sector. They provide expert research services and advice to meet the challenges of development in the Middle East and North Africa region, in areas such as:

  • Public policy advisory
  • Innovation policy evaluation
  • Governance benchmarking
  • Cultural development management
  • Sustainable knowledge transfer including exclusive knowledge products
  • Workplace diversity management
  • Gender mainstreaming and human rights

This Agreement aims to promote the Centre’s training activities in the region, with the implementation of bespoke programmes in Abu Dhabi to meet local needs and with the participation of the representatives of the six Gulf States.

Possible activities include:

  • Green Procurement
  • Green Jobs and Decent Work in the Green Economy
  • Maternity Protection
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Microfinance Academy on Sustainable Enterprise Development

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