A new resource guide for Employers: Greening Economies, Enterprises and Jobs

The newly released guide explores the role of employers’ organizations in the promotion of environmentally sustainable economies and enterprises.

Business is at the forefront of delivering economically and environmentally viable products, processes, technologies, services, and solutions that are necessary in the transition toward a greener economy and for sustainable development. As the voice of business, employers and business organizations need information, tools and good practices to become effective advocates for their members in national policy dialogues, and to develop strategies to minimize risks and identify opportunities for their own organizations and members. This new resource guide provides an overview on:

  • the evolving contribution of business to the  sustainable development debate
  • planetary boundaries, environmental challenges and their implications for business
  • the greening of enterprises and workplaces, and
  • the role that business and employers’ organizations can play in lobbying and service development in the environmental field.

The launch of the Guide is timely as the ILO has embarked on the “Green Initiative” as part of a reflection on the Future of Work in the lead up to the ILO’s Centenary in 2019. The Green Initiative aims to expand the ILO’s knowledge base and strengthen its leadership in guiding constituents through the transition to more sustainable enterprises, economies and societies.

Download the guide.

The Guide, which was developed under the ILO-Norway Partnership and validated at two inter-regional workshops at the Centre and in Asia, involving employers and business organizations from a wide range of countries, is the result of close and effective collaboration between the Green Jobs Programme, the Bureau for Employers Activities and the Centre.


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