A new year for the ILO’s “Scream in Action” project

The official inauguration of the second year of the “Scream in Action” project for Turin took place in town today. “Scream” is an ILO/IPEC project to raise awareness of child labour through education, media and the arts. This year, the project, run by the NGO “Young Frontiers” with the support of the Province of Turin and the Piedmont Region, will involve 15 local schools and the “Ferrante Aporti” children’s home.


In her opening remarks, Turin Province councillor Ms. Aurora Tesio highlighted the students’ enthusiasm and creativity which had characterized the project in 2008. Ms Tesio stressed the importance of such initiatives along the path to achieving universal human rights. In reminding the audience that this year’s World Day against Child Labour (12 June) would focus on girls, she pointed out the need for securing equal opportunities to attain social justice all over the world.

In her message, Ms. Maria Gabriella Lay, Programme Manager of the ILO’s Global Campaign to Raise Awareness and Understanding on Child Labour, thanked Ms Tesio for continuous support for the project, underlining the value of fostering active participation by civil society, in particular the younger generation, in building a global alliance against the most horrible human rights violations, such as child labour. In this perspective, “collaboration between the ILO, its Training Centre in Turin and local institutions can play a crucial role in raising awareness among the public,” Ms Lay concluded.

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