Save the date: 22 to 26 April 2013

Register and take part in the first Sustainable Business Development Academy in Lima, Peru.

Latin America is experiencing one of the decades of greatest economic growth in its history. In 2010, the growth rate was 6%, one of the highest in the world.

Yet Latin America is one of continents with the greatest inequalities in income distribution. In order to sustain growth and bolster its impact on employment, it is essential to encourage the development of sustainable companies. This involves creating a favourable environment that makes it possible to combine a legitimate quest for profit, one of the main driving forces behind economic growth, with the need for a form of development that is based on social justice and respects human dignity, environmental sustainability and decent work.

The development of sustainable companies in Latin America displays considerable advances from which important lessons can be taken and shared. This is the intention behind the first Latin American academy: “Sustainable Business Development: Competitiveness with equality”.

This academy is designed for business development policy makers and practitioners and consists of two stages: one face-to-face and one complementary distance-learning stage lasting 10 hours.

To enrol in the academy, register on line by going to the following links:

http://desemp.itcilo.org/ and click on “Register now”.

http://emld.itcilo.org/es and click on Registration

For more information, please write to us directly at: academia.empresarial@itcilo.org


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