New Online Training Tool on Social Dialogue

Over the past 16 months, the Employers and Workers’ programmes at the Centre have worked hand in hand with Eurocommerce (the European Commerce employers’ federation) and UNI Europa (the European services trade union) to boost sectoral social dialogue in Central, Eastern Europe and EU candidate countries.

Building on their expertise in this area of work and the region, the Centre provided expert assistance to joint project activities as well as training materials. Four regional workshops and a final conference were organized giving the opportunity to approximately 130 social partner representatives to be fully informed about sectoral social dialogue, its benefits and challenges, and to jointly discuss ways to improve relations in their respective countries to strengthen the commerce and retail sectors.

These activities were designed to follow up earlier capacity-building projects carried out in the commerce sector since 2011 by the Centre Workers and Employers’ programmes (more information here).

One of the main project outcomes was the development of a self-guided training module “Introduction to Social Dialogue”.

The objective of the module is to provide learners with a basic understanding of social dialogue in general, as well as more detailed information on its outcomes in the commerce sector in the EU. Available online, in English, it consists of an introduction followed by 4 thematic clusters (social dialogue – a primer, European social dialogue in action, European SD in commerce and further reading). It is designed as a user-friendly learning tool containing content elements such as topic starters and recaps, multi-layer information boxes, visual aids and videos, links to further information and interactive elements, such as simulations, quizzes, cases etc.

To access the module, click here.

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