Advanced Course in Social Innovation: Entrepreneurship for Social Impact

With a vision for bringing about sustainable and scalable change impacting communities worldwide, ITCILO is pleased to announce that NESTA Italy has recently joint the partnership for the Advanced Course in Social Innovation: Entrepreneurship for Social Impact.

Together with PerMicro and SocialFare® - Centre for Social Innovation, the ITCILO and NESTA Italy are launching the new course in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals with the aim of developing specialized multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in the field of Social Innovation, Impact and Entrepreneurship.

The Advanced Course provides an in-depth understanding of essential concepts, approaches and tools for the implementation of innovative ideas that are socially impactful and financially sustainable.

The learning programme is project-based, highly immersive, and focused on design thinking for the development of Social Innovation skills.

Participants will be exposed to international approaches and practices for:

  • identifying the most pressing problems faced by the represented community;
  • strategically building  an impact-oriented partnership;
  • developing  a project aimed at finding innovative solutions (products/services/tools) to the identified problems.


Participants who intend to apply for this Advanced Course are invited to share their intended project with us (Turinschool@itcilo.org) and benefit from hands-on experience of a series of tools and resources for developing their social business idea, as well as the support of qualified experts and tutors.


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