Another collaboration that works

The Centre has been working in cooperation with the Institute of Rural Management (IRM) in Islamabad, Pakistan, on training-related services to develop human resources and institutional capabilities.

As part of the MOU, a faculty exchange programme has been set up and each year, young staff members from IRM are seconded to the Centre.

Here, their objective is to benefit from opportunities to work with experienced professionals from all over the world.  In 2013, Ms Mehreen Raza, Mr Israr Hussain and Mr Anees Ali were nominated for the Exchange Programme and travelled to Turin to collaborate on different aspects of the Centre’s training activities.

They confirmed that it was an exciting experience as they worked closely with professionals from different cultures and were involved in various activities, such as helping the Centre’s team with pre-training arrangements, post-training evaluations and reporting to the Centre’s renowned Gender and Skill Academies.

In addition, Ms Raza and Mr Hussain were also attached as seconded experts to the Gender and Skills Academies, where more than 100 experts representing public and private bodies participated and shared best practices and ways forward for sustainable development. As part of their attachment, Ms Raza and Mr Hussain were involved in designing and delivering one complete elective course, coordinating sections of 5 elective courses and sharing examples of best practices from Pakistan.

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