Are you ready for the new "Boulder"?

The 18th Annual Boulder Microfinance Training Programme in English and French will be held at the Turin Centre in Italy from 16 July to 3 August 2012

The Boulder Microfinance Training Programme provides participants with a unique three-week technical immersion experience focusing on sustainable microfinance, and the creation of a community with enduring influence. Participants join the expert faculty and step outside of their day-to-day work to reflect, analyse, and debate new topics, issues, and trends in microfinance.

This year, the programme will feature the 2nd annual Boulder Symposium on New Financial Inclusion Paradigms, a dynamic roundtable event led by Robert Christen each morning for all programme participants. The Symposium will bring together many renowned experts in microfinance to discuss and debate holistic perspectives on different aspects of financial inclusion.

If you wish to take part in this programme, please enrol at http://www.bouldermicrofinance.org/_eng/index.php?page=inscripcion


International Training Centre of the ILO

Viale Maestri del Lavoro, 10
10127 Turin - Italy

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