Around the world, no one is in the middle!

The earth is round and no point is at the centre of the globe. And nobody is at the end of the world. (Finis Terrae)

This is the message from participants in the international round table conference entitled “Africa on the Run?”, held to mark the official launch of the Turin-based magazine, “Finis Terrae”.  The event took place on campus this week.  It provided a rare opportunity for participants, staff members and the public to enjoy an insightful debate by experts on Africa, chaired by Mimmo Candito, journalist and university teacher.

The guests featured Adriana Fara, Editor of Finis Terrae magazine, Pio Mastrobuoni, Vice-President the ISIAO (Italian Institute for Africa and the East), Alberto Antoniotto, Professor of Cultural Antropology at the  University of Turin, Sandro Calvani, Director of UNICRI, and Djankou Ndjonkou, ILO.

In his welcoming speech, the Centre’s Director, Mr François Eyraud, affirmed the UN’s commitment to Africa, especially in this period of global crisis. He informed the audience that more than 20% of the 12,000 participants in Turin Centre activities last year had been from Africa.

According to Adriana Fara, this ambitious magazine on Africa will touch all the Africas contained in that vast and so diverse continent.  “Finis terrae”, which means “end of the earth” in Latin, is taken as a starting point for the rebirth of hope.  The magazine wants to be a tool for understanding and dialogue.  It wants to present the Africa of the Africans, help Europeans to find new ways of cultural exchange, and use technology to report on modern Africa.

The interesting presentations by the guests touched on several aspects of Africa: its role yesterday and today, its reaction to modernization, its need to become free from fear and from want, and its need to learn from a rapidly evolving global context.

There is a need to work together, because Africa is everybody’s responsibility.  Europe needs to provide more than just financial support.  What Africa needs is know-how, so that it can become self-sufficient, free and modern, build infrastructure and participate in global development.

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