Beautiful? Even more so....

The Turin Centre is definitely embellishing itself. This month, it will see several changes in terms of renovation and moves. Most of the exhibition held in Turin in 1961, to celebrate Italy’s centenary as a unified nation, took place on the premises that have become the campus of the International Training Centre. They have been renovated several times since then, most thoroughly ahead of the 2006 Turin Olympic Winter Games.

This month, the buildings on the campus will change name.  In 1961, each pavilion had the name of an Italian region. Over the years, they were renamed with letters, with names of important players in UN development cooperation, such as U Thant, or with numbers.

The new names will be of continents and countries.  New maps will be designed, new signs will be placed on campus, and all Centre materials (be they on paper or electronic) will be revised accordingly.

Other moves afoot are that the Documentation Service will reopen, equipped with a new fire prevention system, and a new 'Learning and Design Laboratory' will be set up.

The Learning Laboratory will be innovative and technologically advanced. It will create a space in which learning content will meet methodology, where creativity is inspired and out-of-the-box thinking is stimulated.

The Learning Laboratory will be used for purposes like the following:

  • brainstorming; 
  • planning and designing new learner-centred activities and projects;
  • peer review of activities and projects;
  • designing and experimenting with material, platforms and tools;
  • simulations;
  • coaching sessions;
  • briefing and debriefing facilitators and external collaborators;
  • showcasing the Centre’s most advanced learning and training techniques.

The laboratory will also be a repository of catalogued objects and items that can be used for unconventional learning sessions.

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