Celebrating 15 years of excellence, the Boulder Institute of Microfinance once again brings its renowned faculty and thought-provoking courses to the ITC-ILO

This year’s economic crisis is the main reason why the Boulder Institute will not only feature its unique set of core courses, but also provide participants with the time and space to reflect on the crisis and debate it and its implications for the microfinance industry.

Participants in the Boulder Microfinance Training Programme are professionals from a wide range of organizations within the microfinance industry. They are strategic thinkers who search for new ideas and innovative skills, and form a global community of peers and opinion-leaders dedicated to microfinance.

The Boulder Institute's President, Robert Peck Christen, will be the guide in a stimulating learning environment.  The Boulder MFT's reputation for quality has been carefully built on exceptionally strong and dedicated faculty, and draws on leading practitioners and academics from across the field of microfinance.

The Boulder alumni network includes over 3,000 people from leading microfinance organizations in more than 135 countries.

The Boulder MFT programme lasts for three full weeks, and is divided into three one-week sessions.
In addition, the programme will feature an assortment of round table discussions, panels, and presentations held by faculty and fellow participants after class.

Please visit the special website for more information: http://microfinance.itcilo.org/en/boulder-mft-programme/the-boulder-mft-programme/


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