Boulder Microfinance Training’s 20th Anniversary

The Turin Centre is proud once gain to host the Boulder Microfinance Training Programme, starting on 7 July 2014. This 20th anniversary edition marks a milestone in the path of this highly renowned activity that is the flagship programme of the Boulder Institute of Microfinance, has alumni numbering over 4,500 and a faculty of 100 experts. Boulder MFT lasts 3 weeks and is delivered in English and French. The Turin Centre has been hosting the Boulder MFT since 2005.

What is the recipe for Boulder’s success?

  • Boulder MFT provides an unrivalled experience for professionals working at every level of microfinance today.
  • Boulder MFT draws together experts in microfinance from every relevant sector: Donor Agencies, MFIs, Commercial Banks, Central Banks, NGOs and many more.
  • Boulder’s dedicated, internationally recognized faculty counts on a broad range of practical experience and varying approaches to microfinance over the past 30 years.
  • New practitioners to microfinance are able to take advantage of this distinctive platform to partake in an array of training offerings and network with the industry's pre-eminent minds.
  • The 3 week immersion period creates critical time for participants to deeply reflect on their specific challenges, and share ideas and strategies on how to face the sector's pressing issues using new tools and a fresh perspective.
  • By running the English and French programmes concurrently, Boulder MFT strives to provide an opportunity for participants from culturally different worlds to interact, share experiences, and create social networks among colleagues and faculty.

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