Breaking gender barriers for young women and men

In 2009, the International Labour Conference will discuss "Gender Equality at the Heart of Decent Work". In the lead-up to this discussion, the ILO has launched a global campaign on gender equality and the world of work. The campaign is built around 12 Decent Work themes, looked at through a gender lens, that illustrate how issues in the world of work may affect women and men differently, particularly as regards enjoying their rights, getting employment, social protection and participating in social dialogue.

"Mainstreaming gender equality is central to the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda,” says ILO Director-General Juan Somavia. “Although progress is being made, gender equality is still lagging behind in the rapidly changing world of work. By increasing overall awareness and understanding of gender equality issues, we can actively contribute to securing Decent Work for all women and men.”

The awareness-raising campaign will last for one year and will lead into a general discussion of gender equality at the heart of decent work at the International Labour Conference in June 2009.  Delegates from governments, employers’ organizations and workers’ organizations in the ILO member States will then have the opportunity to study the issues and draft a roadmap for promoting gender equality at the workplace for the decade to come.

To reach out to as many constituents and other international partners as possible, the Gender Coordination Unit of the International Training Centre in Turin is contributing to the campaign by making information on different topics available to more than 12,000 course participants and by facilitating access to a body of material that the ILO has developed on gender equality around the world

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