The Centre is starting its first regular course on “Career Guidance”

After the successful pilot of “Career Guidance Policy and Practice: a Strategic Tool for Planners and Decision Makers” last year, in partnership with the European Training Foundation, the Centre is organizing a new edition [1]. It covers a niche that is not covered by national or international organizations or by professional associations in the field.

Career guidance as a life-long counselling concept is relatively new and involves the idea that choosing a career based on matching the interests, skills and values of a person significantly increase the chances of success and fulfilment in his/her professional life. This approach avoids a waste of human talent and resources through wrong career choices.

A sound career guidance system can have the following benefits to improve labour market dynamics:

• Help prevent or reduce unemployment;

• Enhance labour mobility;

• Improve the match between supply and demand;

• Ensure better labour supply and address skills shortages;

• Contribute to the development of human resources;

• Help improve the efficiency of education and training systems;

• Increase the match between education and the labour market.


Career guidance can also contribute to achieving social equity goals, and increase the social inclusion of disadvantaged and marginalized groups.

Enrolment is open until 5 March 2014. For more information and to apply, please click here.



[1] ILO ETF Course Career Guidance flyer.pdf

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