Validating your expertise

The Centre’s certificates give you respected credentials that validate your expertise

The Centre has finalised a new certification framework for its training activities. From June 1st, the Centre will offer two types of certificates: a Certificate of Participation and a Certificate of Achievement.

The Certificate of Participation will

  • be issued for most training activities,
  • replace the current Certificate of Attendance and
  • be issued to participants who have participated in at least 80 per cent of an activity.


The Certificate of Achievement will be issued to activity participants who meet the following criteria:

  • selection or eligibility requirements: prior professional or academic experience must match the profile required to attend the activity;
  • duration: the minimum activity duration will be 60 hours and the certificate will specify the number of hours of learning;
  • attendance: participation in at least 80 per cent of the activity’s duration;
  • assessment: an assessment of knowledge and competencies acquired will be carried out at the end of the activity.

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