Collaboration that works

Ten future labour inspectors and officials from ENAM Cameroon are attending the Labour Migration Academy. They will work on issues related to the enforcement of labour laws, protection of workers including labour migration issues.

Following the partnership between the Centre, the ILO Decent Work Team in Yaoundé and ENAM Cameroon in April 2013, a first group of the ten best students from ENAM Cameroon, accompanied by a senior supervisor, are attending the academy on labour migration.

The agreed operational plan focuses on a series of capacity building activities in Turin and Cameroon on social dialogue, ILS, labour migration, and training of trainers.

Participants from ENAM highly value this new partnership and look forward to it being extended to their colleagues. They appreciate the quality of the Labour Migration Academy, in particular the training methodologies that foster individual learning, as well as cross-fertilisation and knowledge sharing with countries in Africa and other regions.


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