Training Project for the PALOP - Conference on Social Security Governance in Cape Verde

As part of a training project run by the Centre on capacity building in social protection in the Portuguese-speaking African countries (PALOP), funded by the Portuguese Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security, a high-level conference on social security governance was held in Praia, Cape Verde, on 15 March.


The Conference was prepared, organized and run in coordination with Phase II of the STEP/Portugal project developed by the ILO Social Protection Sector and the Cape Verde National Institute for Social Welfare. It was attended by over 100 members of the Government and public authorities, the social partners, members of Parliament, political and religious leaders, judges, journalists and representatives of civil society associations.

The Conference represented a unique occasion to analyse, discuss and raise political and institutional awareness on two key priority areas for ensuring a sustainable future for Cape Verde’s social security system: the management of social security fund investments and the management and collection of debts owed to the social security system.

The many prominent guests included the Minister for Youth, Employment and Human Resources Development of Cape Verde, Janira Isabel Fonseca Hopffer Almada, the Portuguese Ambassador to Cape Verde, Bernardo Homem de Lucena, and the Director of the International Social Security Association’s Social Security Observatory, Edmundo Martinho.

The Cape Verdean media followed the Conference closely, the country’s main public TV news programme producing the following report: http://www.itcilo.org/en/community/videos/video

For further information on the social protection training project for the PALOP, please contact Nuno de Castro: n.castro@itcilo.org

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