The ITC-ILO Official Daniela Klein and the TRANSAT650: where does she stand now?

Further to our interview with Daniela Klein on her single-handed race across the Atlantic in an 83-boat regatta, we are pleased to tell you about her current position in the race. She is 24th.

Daniela finished the first leg (La Rochelle to Funchal) in 23rd position (out of 49 yachts which left La Rochelle) in the 'Series' category.

For “real-time” information about the race and the position of the boats, go directly to http://www.transat650.org/fr/.

You can also find an up-to-date:

Visit these pages often - they are updated several times a day.

If you wish to send her messages, you can use the following link:  http://www.transat650.org/fr/concurrents/messages-aux-skippers.html, while Daniela's blog can be consulted at http://danielaklein.blogspot.com/.

As Daniela has pointed out, this race is much more than a sports event. She is challenging herself, and committed to victory.  She had a very rough start, since her boat was hit by another boat.

On 21 September, a special web flash was published on the site of the race in French, with the title: “Daniela Klein, la plus italienne des allemandes” , (http://www.transat650.org/fr/actus/411/daniela-klein-la-plus-italienne-des-allemandes.html). In fact, Daniela holds a German passport, though she was born in Italy. In spite of her numerous adventures, she confesses she is always afraid of not finishing or of destroying the boat.  She feels she is going through a real learning experience.

Daniela has promised to tell us everything when she gets back from Brazil.


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