Decent work and green jobs for sustainable development

On 20th - 22nd June 2012, the world gathers in Rio at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to discuss how to move toward a more sustainable future.

The focus at ‘Rio+20’ is on two specific themes:

  • The green economy in the context of poverty eradication and sustainable development, and
  • The institutional framework for sustainable development.

The Employment and green jobs debate is one of the 7 critical issues on which renewed political commitment will be called for by government leaders and engagement from business and civil society.

The ILO has actively contributed to the Rio+20 preparatory processes.  Member countries and social partners have endorsed a set of key messages on behalf of the world of work for the outcome of the Summit, urging the importance of promoting full and productive employment, decent work and social protection while enabling the transition to a green economy.

The networked team of the ILO Green Jobs Programme, which includes ILO Headquarters, the Turin Centre as well as country and regional offices worldwide, is following closely the discussions, negotiations and developments of the event whose outcomes will be shared and debated during the upcoming training on Green Jobs: linking the environment, climate change and the world of work (2-27 July 2012).

Over the years, this course has provided an inter-regional learning platform for ILO constituents and other key stakeholders on challenges and opportunities in the promotion of green jobs. Special attention this year will be given to the achievements of the Earth Summit 2012 and decent work in the sustainable development agenda. Core training topics are the assessment of green jobs potential in developing countries and emerging economies and the analysis of their skills needs, through sectoral, cross-sector and country-based analysis.

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