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Updated edition of “International Labour Law and Domestic Law. A training manual for judges, lawyers and legal educators” (Edited by Xavier Beaudonnet and Tzehainesh Teklè)

This manual is aimed at judges working on employment dispute settlement, lawyers working in the field of labour law, legal practitioners acting for employers’ and workers’ organizations and labour law professors. It guides labour law professionals on the use of international labour law as a resource to resolve labour disputes and can be used as a training tool in university and judicial training institutions.

This manual is regularly used in ITCILO training courses on “International labour standards for judges, lawyers and legal educators” and is also widely disseminated among national institutions.

For more information, please visit: www.itcilo.org/ils-for-judges-lawyers-legal-educators

This publication is available in English, French and Spanish.

To purchase it, please contact us at: jurist@itcilo.org

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