Seminar on Policies and programmes for youth employment: best practice in Latin America and Europe. Turin, Italy, 14-16 April 2010

The seminar is an activity within the Eurosocial Employment Network. It is follow-up to the joint Latin American and Caribbean - European Union forum on social cohesion held in Lima from 8 to 10 February 2010, whose theme was decent work for young people, and which was a joint undertaking by the Peruvian Government and the European Commission.

The Eurosocial Employment Network stems from a European Union technical cooperation programme to help promote social cohesion in Latin America by strengthening public policy and institutional capacity to manage it. Since its creation, it has concentrated on the sharing of experience and methodology between countries and institutions in the European Union and those of Latin America.

By making this contribution to the institutional strengthening of public administrations and stakeholders in society in Latin America, the Network aims to improve policy design and to run programmes that will alleviate employment problems as a means to cutting poverty and bolstering social cohesion.

This seminar is one of the Network’s activities for high-level professionals in the area of decent work for young people. More specifically, it is for:

  • high-level government officials, executives and experts;
  • representatives of international bodies;
  • representatives of workers’ organizations and employers’ organizations;
  • vocational training institution officials;
  • representatives of regional and local governments;
  • civil society bodies.


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