Expert meeting at the ITCILO on the Future of Work in Asia

A meeting of experts on “The Future of Work in Asia: Skills development strategies to promote employment-rich and equitable growth in the care economy” will take place on campus from 17 to 19 September 2018.

Coinciding with the celebration of International South-South Cooperation Day, on September 12, and the recent publication of an ILO report on “Care work and care jobs”, the meeting will gather 25 experts from Asia and Europe to consider the impact of demographic change on employment and risks to decent work in the care economy.

They will discuss possible solutions to the employment challenges presented by an ageing population and the specific needs of the over-50s, as well as the promotion of employment prospects for young job seekers. Another topic for discussion will be the high risk of decent work deficits arising from precarious employment relationships and gender stereotypes.

According to data and projections from the United Nations, Asia will eventually be home to the largest number of elderly people. A development strategy for an employment-rich and equitable care economy in Asia is therefore an imperative.

This meeting is part of the ILO’s effort to strengthen the capacity of its constituents to mitigate risks and unlock opportunities in the response to the large-scale transformation of the labour market taking place in Asia. The aim is to provide knowledge of skills-development strategies that will promote decent work in the care economy.

This meeting also reaffirms the ILO’s commitment to South-South and Triangular Cooperation.

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