Exploring the new frontiers of disruptive technology and the future of work

The Centre launches the first Technology@Work MOOC

On 1st June, the Centre will launch a free, massive open online course (MOOC) exploring how new, disruptive technologies are reshaping the world of work in the 21st century. The eight-week Technology@Work course is the flagship element of the ILO’s Future of Work Centenary Initiative, and participation is free, on a full or part-time basis.

“Our challenge is to continuously find new and innovative solutions as we look into the future of work”, said Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General. The unfurling technological revolution is so far-reaching in its labour-replacing potential, that is inherently different from anything we have experienced in the past.

From 3D printers and the “Internet of Things” to machine learning, new and emerging technologies are expected to radically change the way we work and the types of job we do in the years ahead. Harnessing the potential of these disruptive technologies will be crucial to meeting the ambitious targets set forth in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With the participation of cutting-edge researchers, world-class thinkers, policy-makers, technologists and UN staff , the Technology@Work MOOC will raise awareness of this global transformation, providing a collaborative and innovative learning platform for crowdsourcing and exploring policy-relevant inquiries and insights into the nexus of the future of technology and work. It will thus ignite a much-needed global conversation about disruptive technology impact on the future of work.

To learn more, visit bit.ly/TechatWorkMOOC, our new Technology@Work Blog,or contact supportecampus@itcilo.org

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