The Centre at the Turin International Book Fair

The Centre is sharing a stand at the Turin International Book Fair with ILO IPEC and two local partners from the Piedmont region - Young Frontiers and Carnevalspettacolo.

The stand is near the Pinocchio canvas (1) on exhibition inside the “Oval”.  The canvas was displayed at the UN in Geneva on the 2008 World Day against Child Labour, and at the UNESCO International Conference on Education, to raise public awareness of issues related to child labour.

The Book Fair programme includes a short workshop and theatre performances on child labour by ITC-ILO partners on Friday 13 May at 3 p.m. On Saturday 14 May, at 12 noon, the Centre will participate in the presentation of a book on "Il lavoro minorile attraverso gli occhi dei bambini" (“Child labour seen through the eyes of children”).





(1) The Pinocchio canvas: a painting by students of the “Liceo Artistico di Bergamo e di Romagnolo Sesia”, to mark the 2008 World Day against  Child Labour


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