First international seminar of the Brazil-ILO Project on “South-South Cooperation on decent work in the cotton supply chain” successfully concluded

As part of the ILO-Brazil global project on “South-South Cooperation for the promotion of decent work in cotton-producing countries in Africa and Latin America”[1], over 25 stakeholders from Brazil, Mali, Tanzania, Mozambique, Peru and Paraguay gathered at the Centre from 5 to 9 June 2017.

Global supply chains are a dominant feature of today’s globalized economy. Cotton is one of the important commodities that travel the world in this way and integration into GSCs can contribute significantly to job creation, skills development and technology transfer. However, the global cotton-garment supply chain presents challenges where decent work is concerned. These include informality, child labour, forced labour, non-discrimination and threats to freedom of association and collective bargaining.


This international seminar, funded by the Brazilian Government and implemented through the ILO office in Brasilia, was organized within the South-South Cooperation framework to promote decent work in cotton-producing countries. The programme seeks to achieve inclusive, sustainable development and decent work in the cotton sector through enhanced cooperation and knowledge-sharing between Brazilian institutions active in the sector and their counterparts in the five partner countries.


The seminar presented the concept of global supply from different perspectives and addressed some of the main challenges for the sector, with inputs from experts from the ILO, the World Bank and the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). It also provided a platform for sharing best practices and experience gained by the ABC (Brazilian Cooperation Agency) and ABRAPA (Responsible Cotton Initiative of the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers). The seminar concluded with the drafting of action plans for transforming the this new knowledge into concrete results at country level.



[1] Promotion of decent work in cotton-producing countries in Africa and Latin America is part of the broader ILO-Brazil Partnership Programme for the Promotion of South-South Cooperation, which aims to strengthen trilateral South-South Cooperation in areas such as child labour, forced labour and governance in cotton-producing countries. The project benefits from financial support from the Government of Brazil and is implemented by the ILO office in Brazil. The project runs until December 2019.


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