For the very first time in Turin, a global training course on Fair Recruitment

The training activity on “Establishing Fair Recruitment Processes” will be organized for the first time at the Centre from 24 to 28 April, 2017.

In today’s globalized economy, workers are increasingly looking beyond their national borders in search of decent work and better livelihoods. In addition, millions of workers migrate internally in search of decent work.

Public and private employment agencies, when appropriately regulated, play an important role in the efficient and equitable functioning of labour markets by matching available jobs with suitably qualified workers. However, concerns have been raised about the growing role of unscrupulous employment agencies, informal labour intermediaries and other operators acting outside the legal and regulatory framework. They prey especially on low-skilled workers and there is a risk of workers being tricked and trapped into modern slavery and forced labour.

Are you looking for the right tools to combat unfair recruitment? Then enrol on our course to explore the policy and legislative issues, and the challenges presented by recruitment practices. You will be equipped with innovative approaches to designing effective strategies and strengthening the enforcement of recruitment norms and policies.

What are the anticipated outcomes of this programme?

In five days, it is expected that the following main objectives will be met:

  • The course will foster the sharing of promising national and international recruitment practices that meet internationally recognized human-rights and labour standards;
  • Key actors will gain a better understanding of how to strengthen regulatory and enforcement mechanisms designed to address abusive and fraudulent recruitment practices;
  • The course will promote the dissemination of fair business standards and practices as social dialogue mechanisms for the empowerment and protection of workers.


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