From refugees to entrepreneurs

Enterprise start-up training

Training courses are under way to encourage the setting-up of micro-enterprises. These are aimed at holders of international protection and organized as part of the “RE-LAB”: start up your business” project.

The aim of the pilot project, which includes more than 80 participants, is to investigate alternative pathways for access to work. The fully independent and integrated courses stem from an awareness that refugees have a natural flair for self-employment as they are often very resourceful with plenty of sound work experience.

The project is financed by the European Refugee Fund and promoted by the Centre, with the Italian Council for Refugees, the Micro Progress non-profit organization, Associazione Microfinanza e Sviluppo and the Municipality of Venice. The project can also call on a network of organizations that are supporting the venture.

The Centre is deploying experience it has built up over ten years of work supporting entrepreneurship as a factor in growth, employment and poverty reduction. Considering how hard it is to be entrepreneurial in Italy, especially in times of economic crisis, participants must be provided with all the tools needed to promote a solid and sustainable business start-up.

Some 25-30% of new Italian businesses fail during the first year of trading. The project sets out to buck this trend by establishing business start-up support relationships during training and the subsequent assistance stage, putting the budding entrepreneurs in touch with the world of “alternative” finance, from cooperative credit banks to microcredit institutes.

For more information: www.ideatua.it

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