Global youth leaders meet in Turin

The 2019 GYLA Summer Programme* was inaugurated at the Centre on 5 August 2019 in the presence of Mr Moussa Oumarou, Deputy Director-General of the ILO. The Centre was represented by its Director, Mr Yanguo Liu, together with Mr Giuseppe Casale, Deputy Director, Mr Andreas Klemmer, Director of Training, Ms Yordanka Tzvetkova, Programme Manager and Mr Liangrong Zu, Manager of the GYLA.

The ceremony was attended by over 230 students and tutors from 17 top-ranking Chinese universities, who listened with great interest to the speakers’ opening remarks.


The guest speaker, Mr Moussa Oumarou, shared his thinking about the role of young people in relation to the future of work and highlighted the role young people can play in transforming the world:


Young people will lead the world in creating the new civilization of tomorrow that we desperately need”, said Mr Oumarou. “A civilization, based on social justice, rights, equality, non-discrimination and a sustainable future which does not leave anyone behind.”


Young people are critical thinkers, he added. “They have the capacity to identify and challenge existing power structures and barriers to change, and to expose contradictions and biases.”


Young people are change-makers”, Mr Oumarou went on. “They have the power to act and mobilize others: youth activism is on the rise all over the world – partly thanks to broader connectivity and access to social media.”


Young people are also innovators: they are best placed to understand the problems they face and to offer new ideas and alternative solutions.”


Mr Oumarou highlighted the leadership role of youth: Young people are leaders. When empowered with knowledge of rights and equipped with leadership skills, they can drive change in their local and national communities.”


Mr Oumarou concluded with a thought-provoking idea: The past is in your head, the future is in your hands”, he said. A vision welcomed with great enthusiasm by his audience.




* The GYLA Summer Programme is one of the ITCILO’s flagship activities: a three-year pilot programme consisting of both summer and winter sessions. With the purpose of inspiring and empowering youth as agents of change in building a better world and a brighter future, the GYLA aims to be the champion and leader of youth development programmes around the world. To this end, the GYLA engages with young people to help them learn about the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) and to empower them, as future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, to play a crucial role in meeting the targets of the 2030 Agenda.

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