Here at the Centre, Learning Analytics is important for capacity development

Capacity development is a founding principle of the ILO’s Development Cooperation Strategy to secure better decent work outcomes by providing improved services to constituents. But how can we increase the effectiveness of capacity-building programmes for constituents and everyone engaged in the world of work?

Learning Analytics is the discipline that measures, collects and reports data about learners and their contexts, so as to understand and optimize learning and the learning environment.

There are several reasons why training organizations might want to invest in learning analytics:

  1. to predict learners’ performance;
  2. to provide learners with a personalized eLearning experience;
  3. to increase learners’ retention rates;
  4. to measure engagement and teaching success;
  5. to improve the instructional and delivery strategies of eLearning courses and programmes.

With these aims in mind, the ITCILO has developed an Online Programme in Innovative Learning Interventions, so that professionals with a capacity-building function can explore the latest technology and innovations designed to help them translate the Sustainable Development Goals into achievable actions. The programme includes a course on Trusted Learning Analytics (starting on 30 April 2018).

The main objective of Learning Analytics is to extract hidden information from educational data and thus gain new insights of value for educational stakeholders (learners, trainers and managers). This new kind of information can be applied to support individual learning, enhance facilitation and teaching quality, and improve knowledge management and systems administration.

If you are a trainer, IT specialist, educational decision-maker or instructional designer already experimenting with Learning Analytics within your organization, please feel free to get in touch and share your experience with us (delta@itcilo.org).


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