European Labour Forum on the Role of the Labour Administration in Overcoming Economic Crises

A high-level forum on the role of labour administration and inspection systems in preventing or mitigating the impact of economic crises on employers and workers will take place at the ITC-ILO from 23 to 25 February 2011.

The purpose of the forum is to share experience of the role of national labour administration systems during the current crisis, and to discuss opportunities to both modernize service-delivery mechanisms and strengthen the role of labour ministries in macro-economic policymaking.

The forum will bring together leading academics, decision-makers and labour administration officials, together with worker and employer representatives from 27 EU member countries and four EU candidate countries (Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland and Turkey). The event will also have participants from three Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia).

The forum itself  will be preceded by an online learning phase and will have a follow-up phase afterwards.

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