Human Resources Management

Globalization brings about important organizational changes. These changes often involve investment in technology for innovation and growth. In most cases, less weight is given to human talent, which is crucial for organizational development. Organizations often consider their personnel as "capital", to value for the strategic role it can play in making the organization’s operations effective. The Centre’s approach to human resources management is to identify and develop professional competencies.

This week, two workshops related to the management of human resources are taking place on campus.  One is on the “Design of competency-based human resources management”. The other is on “Change management in an organization in the context of globalization”, and has a human resources management component.

The competency-based approach has multiple applications. It is closely connected with ILO Recommendation No. 195 on human resources development and with the concept of decent work, an expression coined by the ILO to encapsulate the aspirations of individuals concerning their working life.

A competency-based approach tends to improve productivity, job quality, products and services, and has a positive impact on selection, recruitment, staff training, career development, performance assessment and equal opportunities.

At these workshops, the Centre offers managers and consultants on organizational development and human resources management the chance to acquire, update and enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes.


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