I love Turin!

Here is some more news about events taking place in town in 2011 to celebrate 150 years of Italian unity.

Statues, plaques and other historic emblems have been restored, enhancing the superb baroque features of the city’s many monuments.

Turin's Valentino Park will host a grand floral expo in its rock garden.  Turin is the 2008 European Tree Capital and the greenest metropolis in Italy. It has 20 square metres of greenery for each inhabitant, and the Valentino is the largest public park in Italy. 

The programme for "Italy150" combines sport, culture and more events. Expos, shows, a parade, conferences and performances will evoke the past, invite debate on the present and encourage innovation for the future of Italy. Theatre performances, operas, concerts, film and other festivals, exhibitions and conferences will take place in the city and throughout the region. Turin and other places in Piedmont will open thoroughly renovated museums and historical sites to the public.

Turin, the first capital of Italy, and Piedmont will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian Unity from 17 March to 20 November 2011, starting with two days of official celebrations and exhibition inaugurations, and with the first performance in Turin of "The Sicilian Vespers" by Giuseppe Verdi, one of the supporters of the country’s unification.

The elegant city of Turin, one of Italy’s hidden gems, is determined to create something out of the ordinary for this 150th anniversary, and the ITC-ILO will be involved in the celebrations.  Bookmark our site and consult our calendar of training activities frequently:  you will be able to take a Turin Centre course while enjoying the festivities!

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