If not here, then where? If not now, then when?

It is time to share best practice and to learn from each other in a participatory, experiential environment. The “Turin 2009 Learning Link” from 7 to 11 December 2009 will illustrate how.

The International Training Centre of the ILO, in conjunction with the European Training Foundation and InWEnt – Capacity Building International, will host the first ever Learning Link.  This event will emphasize sharing practices and strengthening partnerships that use results-based management to achieve operational effectiveness and enhance the impact of training and learning.

A practical off-shoot of policy reform initiatives within the development community, the Learning Link will foster the exploration of best practices, unconventional approaches, experimentation with innovative technology and the expansion of time-honoured techniques, all on a foundation of collaboration.

Between 60 and 80 managers and programme leaders from development-oriented training and learning institutes, local centres of excellence, and other partners in training and learning will meet to share their knowledge and experience, and further their capacity to design, implement and evaluate programmes.

Action plans and strategies will be generated to enable individuals, institutions and the international community to enhance the scope and sustainability of capacity development.  Don’t miss this chance!




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