Improving chances of success

The Minister for Employment, Industry and Commerce of the Regional Government of the Canary Islands, Francisca Luengo, and the Director of the Employment Service of the Canary Islands (Servicio Canario de Empleo, SCE), Alejandro Martín, have met with the Centre’s Director of Microfinance and Enterprise Development, who designed this initiative to deal with the Integral Entrepreneurship Programme being developed within the two business confederations of the Canary Islands, funded by the SCE and with the collaboration of the ILO.

The programme being developed in collaboration with the business confederations CCE and CEOE - Tenerife aims to respond to the needs of people interested in starting their own business. According to the most recent available data, some 12 per cent of the Islands’ residents wish to start their own business, and the ILO is going to provide the measures and instruments required by the SCE to increase the level of competencies among residents of the Canary Islands to this end.

One of the initiatives to be implemented by means of this Programme is an intensive training of business trainers course. The initiative is based on the “Start and Improve your Business” programme designed by the ILO with the aim of contributing to increasing businesses’ chances of success by providing the best tools to the people behind them.

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