Inauguration of the new ITC-ILO Conference Centre

On 20 July 2010, the ITC-ILO will inaugurate its new Conference Centre (Piedmont Pavilion), during the official opening of the Boulder Microfinance Training Programme, which, with its 300 international experts from 86 countries, is the most important microcredit and microfinance world event of 2010.

The renovation of the Piedmont Pavilion, supported by the Piedmont Region and the Compagnia di San Paolo, and coordinated with the offices of the City of Turin, is another step forward for the ITC-ILO’s campus facilities.   The embellishment of the campus started with the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.  We expect the new Conference Centre to host several international activities promoted by local partners.

The President of the Piedmont Region, Mr Roberto Cota, the Mayor of Turin, Mr Sergio Chiamparino, and the President of the Compagnia di San Paolo, Mr. Angelo Benessia, are all expected to attend the inauguration. This shows the importance of the ITC-ILO campus to the local authorities.  The campus, with its 6,000 participants from 190 countries each year, is seen as a driver of the internationalization of Turin.

The Conference Centre’s main features include an auditorium with up to 350 seats, six classrooms with 30 to 150 seats, four offices and a reception area. Movable walls and multifunctional furniture give it great flexibility of layout.

The technology includes digital projection in full HD from any video source (computer, DVD, satellite, etc.), a wireless sound system and a simultaneous interpretation system with five booths for multilingual conferences in up to six languages.

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