Information and labour rights: media professionals from all over the world to learn about globalization and labour rights

From 4 to 8 August, over 30 journalists, press officers and media professionals from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East will participate in a course on “Communicating Labour Rights” at the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, Italy. This training activity on the international labour standards set by the UN labour agency targets media professionals from developing countries, often affected by the violation of basic human and information rights and where journalists are victims of intimidation and repression.

“The media have the opportunity to keep up the debate and put pressure on the civil society to favour the adoption of fundamental standards and rights at work," says Alessandro Chiarabini, Programme Manager. “Our organization is a source of consistent information for those journalists to use to write up their stories or conduct thorough investigations into the world of work in their countries”.

The course, now running for the second time, has also given rise to the international journalism prize, “Media for Labour Rights”, which, in June 2008, was awarded to the Japanese reporter Misako Hida. In her article, “The Land of Karoshi”, Ms Hida investigated the issue of hours and conditions of work in Japan, where, every year, thousands of workers die from overwork.

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