Innovative e-learning solutions

Information and communication technology (ICT) is changing at a breathtaking pace, transforming the way we generate, share and publish information, the way we collaborate and share knowledge and the way we learn and train.

In this context, e-learning must transcend the mere “electronic”, and take a more comprehensive approach which focuses on interaction, collaboration, communication and networking.

For this reason, the Centre is, for the first time, offering a course on Lifelong e-learning - innovative solutions: an opportunity to go beyond the purely technical aspects of e-learning and provide the participants with the necessary know-how to use the most innovative tools currently available in the best way. They discuss and experience features of contemporary networked e-learning such as virtual environments, e-moderation, free and open source software, social learning and social software.

The course, attended by 19 participants from 13 countries, started today with a distance phase. From 21 to 25 April the participants will gather in Turin to share their views and lessons learned with tutors and fellow participants. This residential phase will be followed by another distance learning period, for a total of 5 weeks of intensive and hopefully fruitful training and learning experience.

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