International Labour Conference – 3-19 June 2009

The member States of the ILO meet at the International Labour Conference, held every year in Geneva, Switzerland, in June. This year, the 98th Session will take place from 3 to 19 June.

At its 304th Session (24–26 March 2009), the Governing Body of the ILO decided to propose certain modifications to the agenda for the 98th Session of the International Labour Conference, in order to allow the Conference to hold an urgent discussion on the employment and social policy consequences of the global economic and financial crisis facing the world of work.  These proposed modifications include holding an ILO summit on the global jobs crisis on 15 and 16 June 2009 as an important part of the Conference, and allowing more time for debate on the financial crisis by beginning the plenary sittings on Wednesday 10 June.

As Mr Somavia states in his Report to the ILC, “Tackling the global jobs crisis - Recovery through decent work policies”, “ the International Labour Organization shoulders at least three immediate responsibilities in addressing the global economic and social crisis. 

The first duty is towards the tripartite constituency of our Organization – governments, employers and workers: to assist them, when requested, in ways adapted to their specific circumstances.

The second responsibility is to draw the conclusions from a pattern of globalization that is coming to a stop in order to build the foundations of a new globalization based on sustainable, fair and environmentally sound economic growth and social development in open economies and open societies.

The third responsibility is what this report is about: the crisis here and now and what to do about it. In all regions and countries, in very large numbers, people are suffering, and feel uncertain, threatened, sometimes angry, surely frustrated”.

The ILO summit on the global jobs crisis will address a global jobs pact, including industry and enterprise-level strategies for dealing with the jobs crisis.  "The proposed “Global Jobs Pact” is aimed at placing employment and social protection at the centre of recovery policies in order to accelerate employment recovery, ensure inclusive access to employment through specific measures for disadvantaged groups, broaden the coverage of social protection and enhance security,” Mr Somavia said.

This year, the Centre will again be present at the International Labour Conference in Geneva with its own stand offering delegates information about the Centre’s activities and products. On certain days, the stand will focus on special topics.

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