Introducing Lempnet - the Learning Employers Network

The Centre’s Learning Employers Network (Lempnet) is a new Internet platform dedicated to employers’ organizations around the world. Lempnet is a tool for sharing knowledge and learning among employers.

The mission of the Centre’s Programme for Employers’ Activities is to assist employers’ organizations in becoming representative and effective voices of business. Employers and business associations, indeed, can make significant contributions to creating the conditions for sustainable development.

The objectives of Lempnet are to provide information on training opportunities for employers and to strengthen the worldwide network of employers’ representatives and experts.

On Lempnet, thanks to a series of tailor-made interactive tools, employers’ representatives can easily:

- get access to training and capacity-building products;
- share knowledge and ideas;
- create networks;
- help customize the Centre’s training activities to meet the needs of employer organizations.

Lempnet comprises a public Web site (http://lempnet.itcilo.org) and dedicated Web sites for registered course participants, which tutors can use to assist trainees throughout the learning activities and keep in close contact even after the course.


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