Exchange and networking: senior Iraqi officials learn about management of local development and urban planning

Twenty-one officials and executives of central government ministries (among them the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, and the Ministry of Science and Technology) and governorates in Iraq will examine local models of development planning, urban management and provision of public services, with an emphasis on governance and on participatory approaches to planning and the management of development.

They will meet the Mayor of Turin, Mr Chiamparino, and discuss urban development with City of Turin engineers.  At the Piedmont Region offices, they will study the role of regional and local governments in development planning, and they will be briefed on the role of the private sector in local development at the Unione Industriale (Chamber of Industry).

The purpose of these meetings is to provide Iraqi officials with examples of best practice in the decentralization of decision-making which they can reinterpret in their own context.


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