The 2nd Summer Academy on Sustainable Enterprise Development will start on Monday 22 June 2009, with 90 participants.

The ILO’s approach to enterprise development aims at unlocking the enormous potential of enterprises to create decent, long-lasting jobs for the world’s growing labour force. Over the last 40 years, the ILO has built up a powerful knowledge base on enterprise development, with tools and practical approaches to create and sustain enterprises of all sizes.

Just after the ILO Summit on the Global Jobs Crisis, at which nine Heads of State or Government, six Vice-Presidents, Labour Ministers and leaders of employers’ organizations and workers’ organizations met in Geneva, from 15 to 17 June 2009, the 2nd Summer Academy on Sustainable Enterprise Development will start in Turin, with 90 participants.

The ILO summit in Geneva provided the first opportunity of its kind to discuss policies that are being implemented at the national and international level to tackle the global jobs crisis. The three-day summit, which is part of the ILO’s International Labour Conference, included four high-level panels discussing the following topics: global and regional coordination, development cooperation, fundamental principles and rights at work, and industry enterprise-level strategies.

This year’s Turin Centre Summer Academy on Sustainable Enterprise Development will provide the 90 participants with a unique overview of existing tools and knowledge concerning enterprise development.  This year, it will focus on the crisis and possible strategies for governments and donor agencies to tackle the problem, with plenary sessions, “learning tracks” and an “open space” devoted to the subject.

The Summer Academy will also have a detailed programme of different topics, covered under the guidance of leading enterprise development specialists from the ILO and beyond.


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