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The Centre has just published a text entitled “Las Comisiones Tripartitas para la Igualdad de Género en el Empleo en América Latina: evolución y lecciones aprendidas” (“The Tripartite Commissions on Gender Equality in Employment in Latin America: Evolution and Lessons Learned”).

For many years, the Centre and the ILO promoted the creation of national Tripartite Commissions on Equal Opportunities and Treatment between Men and Women in South American countries. This was initially achieved through training activities and later through follow-up, consultation and advisory actions. These spaces made it possible to establish for the first time an exchange of opinions on the situation of women in the world of work among representatives of government, trade unions and enterprises. Relationships of trust were constructed which were decisive in the creation of the Tripartite Commissions.

The ILO and the Turin Centre have played an important role in facilitating this process of awareness-raising and organization of the Commissions, as well as providing technical support over the years.

The publication summarizes the experience gained over many years of work, setting out the ILO strategy for the creation of the Tripartite Commissions on Equal Opportunities and Treatment in Employment. These commissions still exist and continue to be active today. The publication sets forth the experience of almost 20 years, unique in its sphere, with the aim of reconstructing the institutional historical memory at a national and regional level and within the ILO itself, including its Training Centre in Turin, offering a joint vision of the lessons learned both for the institutions involved and for institutions, organizations and individuals interested in repeating this experience in other countries.

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