Launch of International Employer Organizations’ Network on HIV/AIDS

On March, during an ITC-ILO training workshop, 17 HIV/AIDS specialists from Asia and Africa decided to launch the International Employer Organizations’ Network on HIV/AIDS (IEON), with the support of experts from the ITC-ILO, the ILO and the IOE.

Current global estimates show that approximately 33 million people live with HIV. Nine out of ten are adults in their productive prime. Despite positive developments in prevention and treatment, HIV/AIDS still imposes a huge economic burden. Workplaces are well positioned to contribute to effective responses to this problem, as they offer an entry point to reach young adult populations.

The members of the IEON have committed themselves to share their experiences and ideas on how to tackle the HIV/AIDS challenge in their countries. This includes sharing best practices by companies and employer organizations, and providing tailor-made and efficient solutions to improve companies’ workplace policies.
To communicate members will use the ITC-ILO Lempnet platform and a specific mailing list.
The network will be used to seek donors’ support, to share information on specific guidance and research, to obtain peer advice and to coordinate follow-up activities to the ITC-ILO training workshops.

You can watch the video of the IEON launch here.

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