Learn, share and act: building capacity for a greener economy

Green public procurement (GPP) is a powerful tool for a more environmentally responsible use of tax-payers’ money, one which stimulates “eco-innovation” and creates green jobs. The ITC-ILO is in charge of an EC-funded project that builds the capacity of national experts leading GPP uptake in 20 EU Member States. It also raises awareness of the benefits of GPP and facilitates the sharing of best practice among key national stakeholders. By August 2010, 40 national experts will have been trained and more than 2000 delegates will have attended national conferences across the EU.

To build “green” capacity, two TOT programmes for experts appointed by key national GPP institutions, and responsible for GPP policy-making, implementation, guidance and training, were held on campus. Eleven conferences took place in different European countries, and eight additional in-country conferences will be held by mid-July, starting in Paris on 12 May.

The conferences will promote dialogue and networking among all GPP stakeholders in the host countries.  They present national GPP measures, key elements in the GPP national action plan, environmental protection criteria, “eco-labels” and existing good practice.

The main objective is to provide participants with a better understanding of why and how GPP can contribute to a better environment and innovation through:

  • more sustainable technology
  • money-saving strategies
  • information on how to promote and implement GPP in people’s own organization and country.

The national experts will constitute a “community of practice” of GPP specialists, created by this project, who will facilitate the sharing of experience and good practice in pursuing the GPP targets in their national action plans.  They will spread and embed learning within their own organizations, and produce a multiplier effect by building capacity and fostering GPP in their home countries.


More info at: http://www.itcilo.org/gpp & http://ec.europa.eu/environment/gpp



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